Farmers market fail

In the interest of getting this blog going faster, and caught up to current time, I’m switching from doing chapters to reviewing/rewriting my blog posts on Tumblr over the past 2 years. 7/7 hot hot heat Man, what a string of heat. It’s hard to get work done, hard to keep everyone comfortable. Moved the turkey babies as planned into the horsetrailer. They really like it in there, and it’s in the shade too. No more roasting in the sunporch. Moved the chicken “tractor” with the big chubby broilers, they were so excited over the fresh grass mostly as a … Continue reading Farmers market fail

Chapter 37 – Hot Highlands

Earlier that spring when we had set up our first gardens, we had rented a tiller for a weekend. Coming to gardening as a deep-mulching, raised beds kind of gal, the tiller’s ability to fluff and primp soil was otherworldly to me. We wanted a tiller of our own, but new one was not affordable and a used one could be a mechanical nightmare. My friend and mentor Angelica heard about our plight and offered us her old Husqvarna tiller, which she had used extensively in the early days of her farming career. As her vegetable production scaled up, the … Continue reading Chapter 37 – Hot Highlands