October 2012 turkeys and reminiscing

onward and upward! I recently did a strange thing, one I’ve thought of doing for a long while. I drove past my old place….the birthplace of LTD Farm. The bridge that I usually take back home from City deliveries is closed for a couple months, so I took my old commuting drive up through Osceola. While living there for 7 years, I worked day jobs, and I drove quite a way to go to them. How badly I wanted to farm fulltime, for real, back then. I spent those hours in the car conspiring, planning and dreaming. And longing for … Continue reading October 2012 turkeys and reminiscing

9/28/2011- 1 year farmiversary

1 year Now I can say with certainty that we have lived on our new farm one whole year. There were some disagreements over when it actually began, but I consulted the ole’ journal, and Andrew was right. It was the end of August, not September, when we first actually moved in here. To try and share all that happened in one year would take a novel. It was the craziest time of my life, and that was just moving here.  Last fall we busily put up a 30 by 60 ft hoophouse, fenced paddocks for ducks, goats, turkeys and … Continue reading 9/28/2011- 1 year farmiversary