what summer?

Up until 4 years ago, when I worked at the co-op, I had the blessing of access to free “cull” vegetables galore from the produce department. This was produce that was past it’s peak and deemed non-saleable. For those 12 years, I rarely had to buy organic vegetables or fruits- cull was a perk of the job. Now, as a farmer, I should have as much garden fresh vegetable content in my meals as I want, right? Nope. We’ve decided and confirmed that there are some necessary big changes coming for our lives and farm next year. I remember fondly … Continue reading what summer?

July 2013- goose project review and turkey camping

the goose fancier Fancier: : one that has a special liking or interest 2 : a person who breeds or grows a particular animal or plant for points of excellence <a pigeon fancier> So, in February, we got this flock of 40 geese because this guy was losing his place to foreclosure. He needed someone to take them ASAP. He waited until the last minute, which I find very irresponsible, as these were his babies and he’d been raising them for 10 years. With the help of our neighbors, we brought them home to our farm, visions of hatching out 100’s of goslings dancing in … Continue reading July 2013- goose project review and turkey camping

June 2013, visiting Mark Shephard’s farm

My Chubby Bubs on pasture the oldest goslings are nearly full size! the garden is nearly all in! where’s the time going?   Restoration Agriculture, a visit to Mark Shepard’s New Forest Farm This winter I devoured Mark Shepard’s book, Restoration Agriculture, and it changed my life. In this summary of his work, his approach to life and farming, he explains permaculture’s role on his real working farm, which is located in our region of The Upper Midwest. Most Permaculture books are set in Australia, which is not at all similar to our climate, so the diagrams don’t translate well … Continue reading June 2013, visiting Mark Shephard’s farm