Feb 2013- geese, canning round-up

some really good advice…..and geese!!!!!!!!! I came across this today: http://www.new-terra-natural-food.com/farm-hurdles.html If you are about to begin farming, or want to start, or just ARE farming, these are all really important things to think about! Even if you are an “established” farmer…things can always change and you have to be prepared for how challenges will be dealt with. True Story, as a friend of mine says. One exciting thing I have to report is that we now have geese, 41 of them! A farming acquaintance of ours came into a situation, and we now have his geese. I’m extremely excited … Continue reading Feb 2013- geese, canning round-up

Feb 2013 breeding rabbits

U-Pick Still all over the place emotionally, because we have no answers yet on the frac sand mining in our township. But meanwhile, we need to keep on making a living here, so in my crazed state I’m contemplating crazy ideas. What about U-pick organic green beans? I could do a workshop on how to make your own pickled dilly beans! I’m also curious about doing U-pick strawberries, but I have a feeling these plants might be too diva-esque for our gardening manner. What other kinds of things might people like to come out to pick themselves? Pickling cukes? breeding … Continue reading Feb 2013 breeding rabbits

Jan 2013 waiting to find out

This book is absolutely ROCKING OUR WORLD. Amidst all the worrying over what might happen with the frac sand mine brewing next door, all the hopeless feelings, Mark Shepard’s book “Restoration Agriculture” is a bright light for a beautiful future on our farm. My husband completed a certificate course on Permaculture Design several years ago. I always thought that was a neat thing, but what does it actually do? Permaculture is a beautiful concept mimicking the natural world to produce food. It can be applied on many different scales, but up until Mark Shepard’s book, permaculture has primarily been a … Continue reading Jan 2013 waiting to find out