milking, goat babies, eating from the farm

baby frenzy 2012 Doing the doula time with the goat mommas paid off and we have had a total of 11 kids born since January. It’s been absolutely insane, no or little sleep or passing out on the couch to wake to hungry baby cries at 2:30am. Midnight vigils in the goat shed, waiting for water to break, clean towel on my arm and coaching mom the whole way through. There were a few births that seemed potentially problematic, but they all worked their way through, of course right when I panicked and ran inside, reading over and over in … Continue reading milking, goat babies, eating from the farm

goat doula

milking Sitting on a short log stump under the lean-to, I can feel the moisture wicking up into the seat of my jeans. My one hand is grasping a cold glass mason jar, the other a warm, hairy teat. I’ve been milking goats now for 7 years. At first, it was a challenge and a struggle for many reasons. How do you get the milk out, how do you keep the goat from kicking over the bucket, how do your hands keep from cramping up, how does maintain any sort of social life, when you have to be at home … Continue reading goat doula

January excitement

a confession There’s something I must admit. I’ve been eating organic produce for free, all year long, for the past 12 years. And I’m not talking about stuff from the garden. I’ve been eating “garbage.” I don’t want to let anyone in on my little secret, for fear of losing my source, or having to compete for it. But…….working in co-ops, one major perk is getting to rifle through the cull bin in the produce department. It’s their garbage, and it would go to compost, or go to the trash, or it may go to feed animals, but first the … Continue reading January excitement