Chapter 18- media

What happened during the spring of 2010 was pretty unbelieveable. Somehow, my little farm started getting press. I don’t know how exactly it happened, other than following every lead that came my way, working the connections, and just being authentic. I also think my being really passionate about farming with a beginner’s hope, as well as raising a product I absolutely loved really helped. It started with, in this series called The Wisdom of New Farmers. I was rather embarrassed at the title. The journalist called me during my lunch break at work. A local foodie website called the … Continue reading Chapter 18- media

Chapter 10 – learning to farm

While I had been totally discouraged after briefly attempting to partner with a local farmer who had land, I soldiered on. I kept my day job while continuing on with my little CSA, I kept selling my goatmilk soaps and duck eggs, and I added 12 baby turkeys to my little farm as well. But, lingering in the back of my mind, was the feeling that I just HAD to learn how to farm before I could really become a farmer. The most common way to learn to farm is by interning, or apprenticing, under successful farmers. However, I was … Continue reading Chapter 10 – learning to farm

Chapter 5 – raw milk and death

After realizing that my future as a fully self-employed soap maker was not too likely to happen, I looked into what other potential farm based businesses there might be that could involve my love of goats. Despite having been a vegan most recently, I knew raw milk was a BIG deal for those who believe in it’s nutritive powers. I also knew that those people will pay big bucks for carefully produced raw milk. I knew because I had a friend who did so from a dairy in Minnesota. She wanted to start farming too, but we knew we’d need … Continue reading Chapter 5 – raw milk and death