cold eggs & thanksgiving prep

It has been really cold here since my old dog Javi passed away, nights now usually in the single digits. This is FAR colder than what we are used to for November, and we’ve had quite a bit of snow too. We went from a sunny, dry and pretty dang perfect autumn to awful hardcore winter, basically overnight. It’s mid-November and the ducks keep on laying eggs. With temperatures like 5 degrees though, those eggs will freeze and crack open, which is fine for the pigs or us to eat, but not our egg accounts. Luckily ducks lay their eggs … Continue reading cold eggs & thanksgiving prep

2014 First harvesting of the year

At dusk last night, a coyote family was yipping in a big pack, deep in the woods. Our dogs ran over there barking, and then have continued to bark all night long. Little Blue is still way over there from the sound of his echo as he let’s those coyotes know they are not welcome in these parts. because of the barking, I’ve been up since 2am catching up this blog to my wordpress site.And it’s finally done! First- check out the progress on our “farmer barn!” Andrew and his dad are rocking it!! I’ve had a bunch of vegans … Continue reading 2014 First harvesting of the year

Jan 2014- a pig tale

farewell, loved ones Today Mike, our most awesome local on-farm slaughterer, came to harvest our 3 pigs. He’d called to come while I was at Angelica’s working last week, and I am so glad we were able to re-schedule so I could be there when he arrived. Raising animals for meat is INTENSE, and part of seeing that process through entirely, for me, is to witness their ending. Back in May of 2013, we went to pick up 3 little piglets from a man raising mostly Duroc pigs. He did an awesome, ethical job, and we were really grateful to … Continue reading Jan 2014- a pig tale