9/2012 chores, ducklings, apples

chores So weird now- at 5:30am when we (usually) get up and begin the day, now we’re in the dark. Arrgh! Here we go- I can just feel that winter darkness beginning already. But life goes on until that very cold time truely begins. It’s still hot, serious hot out. I watered the fall garden big time this morning, the arugula, spinach, late radishes and peas are coming up and this new growth so late in the season is just awesome to see. Typically when we get up, I get set up for milking, and start the coffee process while … Continue reading 9/2012 chores, ducklings, apples

2012 advice for new farmers and DIY “drunken goat”

wanna farm? Seems to me that there are a lot of people who want to start farming. I think this is absolutely AWESOME! However, there is no one who can lay out a masterplan for someone else, whether it is for starting a farm, or becoming a basketball player. If it is in your heart, if it’s your calling, you will find a way, and you will do it. Open your mind through education. Look locally for educational opportunities, open houses & field days on farms, internship or volunteer day possibilities, Ag Extension office programs and presentations. Read, read, read … Continue reading 2012 advice for new farmers and DIY “drunken goat”

goats, goats, goats

goat breath Just in from hoof trimming, and sheesch does my back ache. Let’s just say if the goats were on facebook, they would not “like” a newly created “2012 Hoof Trimming” page. I don’t know how professional horse farriers bend over hooves all day, it’s such an akward angle, and the struggle attached to the hoof has alot of get and go. Goats, luckily, are smaller and have less weight to throw around than a horse. But goats still have alot of force and alot of will to resist. Today was a perfect day to trim, as the huge … Continue reading goats, goats, goats