March 2013- making soap and the egg room

Pre-Town Board Meeting Tonight fuel: except for the tortilla, we grew/made all of these ingredients! Pinto beans from the garden, shelled beneath my boots, simmered on the woodstove and tossed in apple vinegar made from our cider making pulp, the I used the red onion tops sprouting from our red onions in storage (with olive oil and chipotle powder and paprika, all not from the farm, admittedly) There’s a smear of chevre, which froze really well- no I am NOT milking goats yet! And then some crumbles of unaged cheddar, which I also froze, as I was having issues with … Continue reading March 2013- making soap and the egg room

Feb 2013 breeding rabbits

U-Pick Still all over the place emotionally, because we have no answers yet on the frac sand mining in our township. But meanwhile, we need to keep on making a living here, so in my crazed state I’m contemplating crazy ideas. What about U-pick organic green beans? I could do a workshop on how to make your own pickled dilly beans! I’m also curious about doing U-pick strawberries, but I have a feeling these plants might be too diva-esque for our gardening manner. What other kinds of things might people like to come out to pick themselves? Pickling cukes? breeding … Continue reading Feb 2013 breeding rabbits

Dec 2012, our intro to the frac sand industry

snow pants Our house has a hard time holding in warmth now that the temperature outside has dropped to the negative numbers, so I’ve resorted to wearing my snow pants indoors. But even then, I’m chilly and restless. Time to seek out something hard to do. It’s sunny, still and a crispy 13 degrees today. Perfect winter weather for getting things done outdoors. I decide to unload a bunch of hay bales for the ducks’ needs over the next weeks. Most of it was put into a building-sized pile next to the rabbit barn. The ugly looking pile is barricaded … Continue reading Dec 2012, our intro to the frac sand industry