nose to the grind stone

Winter has been fairly kind to me this year. It’s not been as snowy or horribly cold as usual, and we have this very cozy and sunny Farmer Barn to live in now. Wow, what a difference this has made! I’ve had plenty of time to work on my writing, do my chores and get other projects on my list actually started and finished, a pretty perfect “farmer winter.” But I know winter won’t last forever and I have a trip to Canada coming up in 3 weeks, so it’s time to really push myself to finalize my manuscript. Stop … Continue reading nose to the grind stone

August 2013- entreprenuiral thoughts with my WWOOFing sister

look at that chicken leaping on the left!!!!!!! hahahaaa WWOOFing and what it means to be an entrepenuer My youngest sister is heading off tomorrow on her journey as a  WWOOF-er. I am a bit envious, but mostly just super proud of her. This organization is called “willing workers on organic farms” and it connects sustainable and organically run farms all around the world with the willing workers who want to learn from them, help out and receive a place to stay while they work and globe trot. It’s a genius idea, and is pretty well known and respected. My … Continue reading August 2013- entreprenuiral thoughts with my WWOOFing sister