the 2011 fall rush

sunday journal 10/16 Today we had scheduled a butchery class on the farm, but had to cancel due to lack of full grown pigs, and holding off on deciding about Rosie. Is she pregnant? Am I hallucinating those milk glands getting slightly larger along the bottom of her belly? The first 2012 CSA shares are getting signed up for already, this is SO exciting. One customer is jumping from the once a month option to the 2x/month. That means we did a good job! Yes! The ducks are laying better, now that their celebrity status has stopped going to their … Continue reading the 2011 fall rush

Chapter 35- pig day & goat school

Pig Day 2011 was scheduled, and two of our pork customers were planning to come out and participate. It was not going to be like the first pig harvest, with 8 people, and we ourselves were not getting any of the pork. We had decided to not harvest Rosie, even though she was going to be our pork supply, because she was such a magnificent specimen that we had to try giving her a chance at a pig breeding project. The man we’d been talking to about boars had offered to deliver one of his young Tamworths to us, he … Continue reading Chapter 35- pig day & goat school