May 2013- more predator problems

why so hard? You could ask me how this small scale farming life is at any given moment, on any given day, I would nearly always have a different answer. Most days are just lots of enjoyable hard work, awesome self-employment with my sweetie, enjoying the outdoors. Today though, I’d say it’s rough, frustrating and hopeless. Most days are not like this, but it’s been a hard day. We’re having predator problems. These problems began the first spring we were farming here. This is our 3rd spring here and we continue to battle the assorted nightime predators. Raccoons and weasels/mink. We had … Continue reading May 2013- more predator problems


Nov/2011  Death, the story continued from last week Well, the predator returned. This summer a weasel or a mink came to our farm and we had some major problems with predation. It was absolutely disheartening, terrifying and gave us such a hopeless feeling. We learned the hard way that knee-jerk reactions and expenditures are not the best way to deal. Months went by, and everything returned to normal, or so we thought in our complacent little farming minds. We’d been tying one of the dogs out next to the hoophouse each night, but feeling bad for them, we stopped after … Continue reading devastation