October 2012 state inspectors, heart attack, stay-cation

4 cups to a quart, 4 quarts to a gallon Wisconsin is the Dairy State. In order to do anything dairy related (unless it is for your own consumption,) you need a proper, legally licensed setup. I did some research. Without a dairy barn to retrofit, we’re looking at 100’s of thousands of dollars to construct such a facility. How much milk would we need to produce and sell to cover that kind of debt? Guess that’s out of the picture for a long while. I hate the concept of being deep in debt. And scaling up on goats just … Continue reading October 2012 state inspectors, heart attack, stay-cation

cheesemaking, reminiscing

7/16 cheesemaker’s course success! The apricots are beginning to blush.So amazing, really in this climate. The class preparations for this cheesemaking workshop were maddening, but now that it is set up, it should be easier next time. Saving up milk, making various cheeses ahead of time to show the different steps involved, juggling all this with other milk needs…. Our pavillion is magnificent for workshops. I totally love the shade in there and the space. The attendees were so awesome! Very grateful for good people. We had a fantastic time making all kinds of cheeses, and then eating a delicious … Continue reading cheesemaking, reminiscing

rain, demos and goat genetics

7/11 storms & orders The porch roof next to our bedroom window reverberates the rain drop sounds ten fold, so I was up too late. Such a big storm. There were crazy dreams about animals and projects and sky scrapers and dust storms. Andrew made a crazy delicious breakfast stirfry with rice noodles. We had our farm meeting and got down to business. I milk the goats, then call accounts for orders, get labels set up, pack eggs, start getting shares set up, work more on the cheese course coming up, make farmer’s cheese which will be innoculated with blue … Continue reading rain, demos and goat genetics