hello 2012!

first egg 1/2/12 Yesterday I noticed some commotion near the duck feeder. One of the ladies was behind it, snarfling in the hay. She moved away when she saw me looking, and low and behold………she had laid an egg!!!!!!!!! Our first egg of the new year is exhilarating. Now I am bundled up, coffeed and ready to do chores, and of course see if there are any eggs today. Just finished laying out the new Expense/Income sheets for 2012, but my stupid Excel won’t print the lines in the spreadsheet. Andrew started an off-farm job today, one really close by … Continue reading hello 2012!

Chapter 17 – pig day

In the early days of March 2010, more baby goats were born. Metallika’s daughter Schatzi had her second kid, a giant single who was very hard for momma to squeeze out. I had to assist in the birth, and then teach her about nursing and being a goat mom, as I’d had to bottle feed her first baby (a traumatic birthing experience for both of us) the spring before. Vanessa, a Saanen doe, had twin boys. May-May had a hard birth with a single buckling who passed away shortly after his arrival- he was too big for her to get … Continue reading Chapter 17 – pig day