Kickstarter and goat breeding

Kickstarter, we can’t make it without your pledges! Yep, we decided to do a Kickstarter in the fall of 2011, after starting to understand we HAD to have a strong and safe barn for our ducks. This video was put together by Andrew, and he wrote and sang the song as well. Very nervewracking to put yourself out there……. Sunday journal 11/6 This past week I had alot of debate in my head over goat breeding, specifically when to let the pervert (Walter the buck) in with the youngsters. I was getting nervous about missing the window for the doeling’s … Continue reading Kickstarter and goat breeding

9/28/2011- 1 year farmiversary

1 year Now I can say with certainty that we have lived on our new farm one whole year. There were some disagreements over when it actually began, but I consulted the ole’ journal, and Andrew was right. It was the end of August, not September, when we first actually moved in here. To try and share all that happened in one year would take a novel. It was the craziest time of my life, and that was just moving here.  Last fall we busily put up a 30 by 60 ft hoophouse, fenced paddocks for ducks, goats, turkeys and … Continue reading 9/28/2011- 1 year farmiversary