harvesting, chevre, and the hoophouse fertility

7/24 harvesting Holy shit. Today went perfectly. Weather perfectly overcast and a bit cooler, and everyone on time. We have the best customers EVER. Peaceful existences until the peaceful ends for the chickens. We’d been up early to do chores and set up our “mise en place”, as it were, for the harvesting set up. Beheading stump with sharpened cleaver, then the scalder (a turkey fryer bought on craigslist), the plucking table, then the evisceration station. Everyone came at 8:30, some delicious blueberry coffeecake made with duck eggs was brought, and we got down to business. As each bird was … Continue reading harvesting, chevre, and the hoophouse fertility

community, chicken harvesting

7/22 crazy day Chicken harvesting, fishing attempt, lobster party, yogurt making, piglet hose-down, raspberry picking, feta making. We harvested 10 chickens this morning with one of our customers. It went very smoothly, and she was a pro in no time. I think we are pretty good teachers, we help show how normal folks do things. Scalding and plucking a chicken? No biggie- just watch and learn and then you do it. Talking with her was great too- she’s exactly the type of person we are farming for. Totally conscious of meat animals and the difference it makes for everything when … Continue reading community, chicken harvesting