October 2012 state inspectors, heart attack, stay-cation

4 cups to a quart, 4 quarts to a gallon Wisconsin is the Dairy State. In order to do anything dairy related (unless it is for your own consumption,) you need a proper, legally licensed setup. I did some research. Without a dairy barn to retrofit, we’re looking at 100’s of thousands of dollars to construct such a facility. How much milk would we need to produce and sell to cover that kind of debt? Guess that’s out of the picture for a long while. I hate the concept of being deep in debt. And scaling up on goats just … Continue reading October 2012 state inspectors, heart attack, stay-cation

11/2011 snow and Bubster BBQ

sunday journal November 13th We got a nice layer of snow on Thursday! The bedroom in the morning was unusually bright with the reflective light. Beautiful white fluff covered the whole farm, including the hoophouse. It was mild out, clean and lovely. I’m SO ready for this time of year. This has been a killer of a year. I’m wanting to settle into low key time and I have been waiting for this. Every day that comes that is “nice out” means I feel like I must be outdoors doing some work. But what I really want is to be … Continue reading 11/2011 snow and Bubster BBQ