It’s coldy cold today and heading even colder (-18) tonight. The ducks are bedded down, but one lady duck who had frozen feet is in the shower recuperating, I hope she can regain her strength, but regardless I didn’t want to just leave her out in the subzero temps. It is brutal out there and I am amazed that any animal can handle this weather. I watch the crows, little nuthatches and sparrows, wild turkeys and chickadees moving about in our Wisconsin Arctic time with awe and wonder. After an extremely stressful last week when we had BOTH the USDA … Continue reading fe-brutal-ary

nose to the grind stone

Winter has been fairly kind to me this year. It’s not been as snowy or horribly cold as usual, and we have this very cozy and sunny Farmer Barn to live in now. Wow, what a difference this has made! I’ve had plenty of time to work on my writing, do my chores and get other projects on my list actually started and finished, a pretty perfect “farmer winter.” But I know winter won’t last forever and I have a trip to Canada coming up in 3 weeks, so it’s time to really push myself to finalize my manuscript. Stop … Continue reading nose to the grind stone

October 2012 -Market on the Farm

Small Farmer’s Journal Eeeeeeeeeee!!! I got published! My article arrived today, inside the newest issue of the Small Farmer’s Journal – Summer 2012 issue. This magnificent publication is HUGE, simple and artistic, and totally focused on small scale sustainable farming. In particular, they focus on horse-powered farming, but cover a huge range of topics relating to homesteading and farmsteading. Oh I am SOOOO thrilled to have an article I wrote in THIS journal! Look at the cover- “Small Farms Feed the World”- awww. I am so in love! I wrote about our experience with raising turkeys. OMG I am just … Continue reading October 2012 -Market on the Farm