Chapter 34 – open house

Part of our farm mission from the beginning was to connect people to their food, a major reason why the CSA model was so exciting and fulfilling for us and our customers. Every month from May through October, each CSA member would get a box of goodies from our farm delivered to their dropsite. We also wanted to have people come to our farm to see and experience the source of their food. Most everyone was hungry to connect to the natural world, the life of farming and growing and raising food. TheĀ  baby goats were extremely popular on our … Continue reading Chapter 34 – open house

Chapter 22 – fall descends

After we had moved all the animals to the new farm, worked on setting everything up and settling everyone in, nothing in our lives really settled down. Not yet. That was sort of the point. Andrew had completed his last big stone working installation in the Cities, and was getting things situated on the farm. I was teaching various classes at the co-ops, an article came out in the regional co-op newsletter about my our duck egg business, I was working my day job, milking goats, making soap and cheese, and we had our first Open House at the new … Continue reading Chapter 22 – fall descends