Boar harvest, frost, duck eggs

9/2011 – Lance Yesterday we said goodbye to half of our pig breeding project. Lance, the 10 month old Tamworth boar, most likely didn’t get the job done as we’d hoped. His girlfriend Rosie was nearly double his size, despite the fact that she was merely two months older. She’s a mixed breed pig, and he was a purebred. Hybrid vigor is no joke. After some serious number crunching, we realized we will never be able to pay our bills raising up pigs as we have been, even if we did have success with breeding and raising our own piglets. … Continue reading Boar harvest, frost, duck eggs

Chapter 36- boyfriend

2011 Promoting workshops was on the agenda. We’d already set up our website events calendar, now we needed to get people to sign up for the classes. There were workshops scheduled for pig butchery, beer brewing with cheese curds, artisan bread and homemade butter, multiple soap making classes, a permaculture workshop, a kimchi class, Cheesemaker’s Workshops, and even though it was early summer, we were also taking reservations for our Thanksgiving Turkeys with a turkey harvesting class included. It was an ambitious calendar of events! I already knew from my little bit of dabbling in classes that no one wants … Continue reading Chapter 36- boyfriend