July 2012 ex-vegan

bubsters Yesterday. Wow. It went really well, even though it was SUPER hot, we processed 48 chickens with our customers. At the end of the afternoon, we finally weighed one of our gorgeous birds, a smaller one. Over 8lbs. Schnikes! I did the calculations and we started with 61 chicks and brought 55 of them to harvest, which is extraordinary. I’m feeling so grateful to those bubs, our customers and am so happy with our setup for raising them. They really were happy and healthy birds, and will taste amazing because they lived in the great outdoors in the sun, … Continue reading July 2012 ex-vegan

Chapter 8 – goat meat

While eating the first meat I had raised and harvested as a result of breeding heritage ducks, I read this amazing book called  “The Compassionate Carnivore,” by Catherine Friend. This book confirmed my feelings about raising livestock ethically, but it also changed my perspective and potential product ideas as a new farmer and former vegan.  I decided to embrace making a change in world of horrible animal production, by doing it right. If I could change just some of the meat production, even for a few animals, I wanted to do that. I wanted to be an ethical meat farmer. … Continue reading Chapter 8 – goat meat