a barn I have always wanted a picturesque little barn, you know the kind. Red wooden boards make up the body of it, white trim around the edges, where a fuzzy horse nickers at you as you wander down the straw filled lane to his stall. Back in my hobby farming days, I had a metal sided version built at my old place, but at 10 by 20 it wasn’t big enough for a horse. That was ok, I was beginning my farming career and usually a horse is not something you need for this career. Instead it housed my … Continue reading 6/2012

Chapter 10 – learning to farm

While I had been totally discouraged after briefly attempting to partner with a local farmer who had land, I soldiered on. I kept my day job while continuing on with my little CSA, I kept selling my goatmilk soaps and duck eggs, and I added 12 baby turkeys to my little farm as well. But, lingering in the back of my mind, was the feeling that I just HAD to learn how to farm before I could really become a farmer. The most common way to learn to farm is by interning, or apprenticing, under successful farmers. However, I was … Continue reading Chapter 10 – learning to farm

Chapter 7 – bird meat

That following spring, my egg plans came into fruition. Having 30 eggs coming in each day from the ducks added up in quantity very quickly. The other thing was the fact that feeding these 30+ ducks a day was expensive! I had started a tiny CSA with 7 customers, but that didn’t use all of the eggs I was getting from my ladies. I needed to get these eggs sold and continually selling, so I got in touch with the places I had dropped off samples and told them I was ready to begin delivery. I was still working my … Continue reading Chapter 7 – bird meat