Chapter 12 – turkeys

The reason I brought home my first baby turkeys was similar to pet-store logic. They were at the farm store when I waked in, and they were adorable. Sheesch. There were both creamy yellow down covered babies, and brown and grey striped ones to choose from. I chose mostly the stripey ones, and a couple of other color. They were both broad breasted types, and I was curious to try raising both if nothing more than for the color variations. The little turkey babies look just like chicks, although they were slightly bigger. The main difference was their enormous eyes, … Continue reading Chapter 12 – turkeys

Chapter 11 – family

In 2008, I was full of motivation to live my life as best as I could, full of hopeful positivity, full of big dreams with nothing to hold me back from attempting them. I was elated to be pursuing a life full of meaning and satisfaction, and doing something positive for animal welfare. I grew my business to start including ethical meat, I was milking goats, tending ducks and gearing up for more, making soap, teaching workshops, connecting with customers and my farmer heroes, and loving this path I was on. I set a goal of becoming a “farmer by … Continue reading Chapter 11 – family

Chapter 7 – bird meat

That following spring, my egg plans came into fruition. Having 30 eggs coming in each day from the ducks added up in quantity very quickly. The other thing was the fact that feeding these 30+ ducks a day was expensive! I had started a tiny CSA with 7 customers, but that didn’t use all of the eggs I was getting from my ladies. I needed to get these eggs sold and continually selling, so I got in touch with the places I had dropped off samples and told them I was ready to begin delivery. I was still working my … Continue reading Chapter 7 – bird meat