Farmers market fail

In the interest of getting this blog going faster, and caught up to current time, I’m switching from doing chapters to reviewing/rewriting my blog posts on Tumblr over the past 2 years.

7/7 hot hot heat

Man, what a string of heat. It’s hard to get work done, hard to keep everyone comfortable. Moved the turkey babies as planned into the horsetrailer. They really like it in there, and it’s in the shade too. No more roasting in the sunporch.

Moved the chicken “tractor” with the big chubby broilers, they were so excited over the fresh grass mostly as a cooling-off place. They laid down on it, extending their necks on the grass and splaying out, one giant leg stretched out like a hippopotamus. They are kind of adorable, kind of scary. Growth like this in a bird is really something. Actually they remind me of cartoons in their proportions, and despite what you read, they can continue to walk, as long as you don’t let them eat non-stop. We move the feeders so they stay active, denying their couch potato nature. We also take away the feed at 8pm to prevent them from stuffing themselves overnight, which can lead to over-accelerated growth and heart attacks. To see them pecking at the grass is heartening, but they really don’t get it’s edible like the turkeys do.

I started eating the daylily buds. They are growing all over our farm, and they are awesome. I read you can eat the flowers or the unopened flower buds. They can be pickled, or you can eat them raw, sautee, etc. I fried some up with garlic scapes and a duck egg for a killer sandwich. The color of the flower buds’ interior reminds me of the intensity of a blood orange. The taste is that ambiguous “asparagus/green bean/zucchini” flavor, which is to say- they are just delicious. We’ll put some into our shares this week and spread the daylily blossom love.

Sweating is not my favorite thing, especially when sweat drips off my forehead and stings my eyes! The upper lip sweating I got from my mom….after multiple swipes of my upperlip on my shoulder, my shoulder’s sopping wet. At least the evaporative effect on my shirt is cooling. Anyways, we got more of my favorite Tongue of Fire Beans planted, and spotted the very first green beans. I am a bean-a-holic. If the whole garden was planted in just beans, all different kinds, I’d be a happy lady. From the satisfying seeding into the soil, then the plump arches of bean stalks rising out of the beds, and the unfolding of tropical looking leaves, they are just wonderful. And if you haven’t seen what bean plant flowers look like, that’s a whole other pleasure to see. All the pollinators love the flowers too. Seeing these first actual bean pods forming is so cyclical and so thrilling to be a part of. Then you get to eat them, which requires nothing more than plunking them into one’s mouth. I can barely stand to cook green beans. Maybe a swift olive oil sautee with a little garlic, that’s it.

Ah the goats keep getting tangled up on the tethers. It is almost as though they enjoy it, they certainly do good work at making the craziest wrap ups I’ve ever seen. More paddocks for rotation would be preferrable to tethering. But that requires alot of money and tethering is more within our budget. We’re working on some big plans for next season’s paddock arrangement. Hopefully we can get it going by then.

7/8 farmer’s market fail

We decided after much thought/debate today, that we were going to try selling at our very local market which runs Fridays from 3-6 pm. Perfect timing -our chores and daily stuff could be accomplished before hand, and it was just a 0 minute drive away. We spent an hour getting things together, loaded up and off we went. The air was full of potential, we brought maybe $200 worth of products with us. Round the bend, pull up to the gas station….and there was NO ONE THERE! Not a single other vendor, and nothing to even indicate where it should be going on. There’s a big sign which has been up all year, right on a busy Highway. This spot should be excellent to hit all the weekend cabin goers, on their way north. We pulled up and parked, trying to decide what to do.

A month back, I’d responded to an ad in the local paper looking for vendors for this market. The lady replied in an email saying there wasn’t a market manager to run it this year, so go ahead and go, but no one would be organizing anything with it. She said she was hoping the farmers could organize themselves. But who are the farmers and how do we get in touch with them? When we got there at 3pm, and no one is there, we sure as heck felt weird about being this odd little couple without a huge plethora of something to draw the eye. Nothing like a pickup full of sweet corn to get cars to pull over, but we don’t have that. Or 100’s of lbs of strawberries, or the festive air of alot of vendors set up together. These things will make it look more worthwhile for a car full of vacationers to stop at before they begin relaxing at the cabin.

Andrew has taken it upon himself to initiate this market once again. He went onto Local Harvest and emailed all the farmers listed in our region to find vendors for this market. We’ll keep our fingers crossed we can make some connections and get this local venue rocking. If our local farmer’s market becomes something this year, we can plant more of certain crops to market there next season. In 2 years we’ll have boat loads of asparagus, I know that much (we planted 500 crowns this spring!)

Other than that defeat, we succeeded in getting our gigantic brassica garden weeded. The cabbages are looking fantastic. It may sound silly to compare the growth pattern of a cabbage to a slow motion pirouette of a ballerina, but I just did. I love those beauties, and I LOVE sauerkraut. I love cabbage in stirfries, and in burritos, and in coleslaw, and kimchi, and stuffed cabbage rolls. My fingertips tingle from the thistles I wrangled out of the soil surface away from the growing cabbage plants. My elbow pits got stung by crazy tiny bees who left non-descript bites when I pit-pinched them by accident. Why do insects like our stinky sweat so much? Are we excreting minerals like a salt spring?

After milking, Andrew made a pizza with mushrooms, onion, garlic scapes, his sweet tomato basil fennel sauce, and goat cheddar on top. He makes it deep dish pan style, and it was so good I of course burned the roof of my mouth immediately. What an idiot.

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