The other night I heard the rain drops as they loudly started falling on the fiberglass porch roof outside our bedroom window. I felt the cold air blowing in through that window, pulled the covers up around my neck and cuddled up to the warmth emanating from my sleeping husband. It is September in Wisconsin. Sometimes this month is a gloriously warm “summer” month to enjoy, but yesterday we had a wet, windy, cold day to charge into while Andrew lugged feed buckets and I collected eggs. I had bedded down all the ducks the night before, anticipating the rain. … Continue reading coldy

October 2012 -Market on the Farm

Small Farmer’s Journal Eeeeeeeeeee!!! I got published! My article arrived today, inside the newest issue of the Small Farmer’s Journal – Summer 2012 issue. This magnificent publication is HUGE, simple and artistic, and totally focused on small scale sustainable farming. In particular, they focus on horse-powered farming, but cover a huge range of topics relating to homesteading and farmsteading. Oh I am SOOOO thrilled to have an article I wrote in THIS journal! Look at the cover- “Small Farms Feed the World”- awww. I am so in love! I wrote about our experience with raising turkeys. OMG I am just … Continue reading October 2012 -Market on the Farm

tomato lessons

tomato lessons Last summer I received a bounty of early tomatoes from a lovely lady in exchange for coming to my yogurt-making class. In the cardboard box I found a mind-blowing assortment of wildly colored, deliciously flavored and differently shaped fruits of all sizes. Being frugal and curious, I saved seeds from many of these tomatoes. I did get the seed saving method right -let chunks of tomato pulp ferment in a jar with the seeds to mimic the fruit rotting in the wild, then lay out on a piece of paper to dry before storing in an envelope in … Continue reading tomato lessons