chicken harvesting and such

Since the summer of 2009, I have loved raising “the Bubsters.” When I raised my very first 25 broiler chickens as a practice run, it was for an older couple who nostalgically remembered how farm-fresh, pastured chicken tasted. I raised those first broilers for them specifically so I could learn how to harvest poultry FROM them; I was still at that point a vegetarian, but interested in learning and interested in raising ethical meat. I didn’t really know the controversy behind the cornish cross chickens until later on. I bought 25 chicks and raised them without any premature causalities or problems … Continue reading chicken harvesting and such

March 2013- making soap and the egg room

Pre-Town Board Meeting Tonight fuel: except for the tortilla, we grew/made all of these ingredients! Pinto beans from the garden, shelled beneath my boots, simmered on the woodstove and tossed in apple vinegar made from our cider making pulp, the I used the red onion tops sprouting from our red onions in storage (with olive oil and chipotle powder and paprika, all not from the farm, admittedly) There’s a smear of chevre, which froze really well- no I am NOT milking goats yet! And then some crumbles of unaged cheddar, which I also froze, as I was having issues with … Continue reading March 2013- making soap and the egg room

Chapter 4- Farm beginnings- goats and soap

Having fond memories of living in the country as a little girl, does not necessarily mean I’d want to become a farmer. I also have to thank the authentic and wonderful small scale farmers I interacted with as a young adult, in my career as a natural foods merchandiser. These farmers, with their rugged handshakes, practical ways of thinking, and beautiful food products rekindled my nostalgia for a life connected to the natural world. A life full of hard work, satisfaction, innovation and intrinsic value. They reminded me of my childhood, except they were living the lifestyle I remembered, as … Continue reading Chapter 4- Farm beginnings- goats and soap