Chapter 27 – germany

January 2011, I was full of trepidation and exhilaration as I prepared to finally quit my day job. Would I be able to be a full time farmer, finally, for real? Andrew and I talked about backup plans and how to make it through if things didn’t go quite like we hoped. We could always get jobs off the farm again, but we both knew we only had this one life, and we had to go for it. Then, I did something really out of character, and sort of irresponsible. With my little bit of savings, I bought plane tickets … Continue reading Chapter 27 – germany

Chapter 8 – goat meat

While eating the first meat I had raised and harvested as a result of breeding heritage ducks, I read this amazing book called¬† “The Compassionate Carnivore,” by Catherine Friend. This book confirmed my feelings about raising livestock ethically, but it also changed my perspective and potential product ideas as a new farmer and former vegan.¬† I decided to embrace making a change in world of horrible animal production, by doing it right. If I could change just some of the meat production, even for a few animals, I wanted to do that. I wanted to be an ethical meat farmer. … Continue reading Chapter 8 – goat meat