goat doula

milking Sitting on a short log stump under the lean-to, I can feel the moisture wicking up into the seat of my jeans. My one hand is grasping a cold glass mason jar, the other a warm, hairy teat. I’ve been milking goats now for 7 years. At first, it was a challenge and a struggle for many reasons. How do you get the milk out, how do you keep the goat from kicking over the bucket, how do your hands keep from cramping up, how does maintain any sort of social life, when you have to be at home … Continue reading goat doula

Chapter 28 – babies begin

Our first real farming season together was about to begin. It was March 2011, and I was now full time on the farm! It felt surreal to not quickly breeze through the morning chores and head out the door to drive to a job. I was now working from home, at our farm, finally living my dream. It was overwhelming in some ways; all the things to do, all the time of the day and days of the week to do it in. There would be no more rush jobs, we could savor and soak it all up, and orchestrate … Continue reading Chapter 28 – babies begin