Chapter 23 – ice storm

We had to get the hoophouse covered before winter came, otherwise, there would have been no point to all the struggle of getting the frame up. We had an amazing group of friends lined up to come on short notice, as we had to try to get this plastic up and over the frame on a day that was not even slightly windy. And as you may know, fall tends to be a windy season. One morning looked promising, and so we made the calls and put a gorgeous pork roast in the oven so it’d ready after the friends … Continue reading Chapter 23 – ice storm

Chapter 13 – changes and thanksgiving

The turkeys grew plump, the soaps cured, the feta cheese aged, the ducklings hatched, the goats rabbleroused, the canning jars sealed, kale was bunched, the duck eggs were being delivered, the seasons changed, the plans were in action- my farm life was on a joyous trajectory. I was 30 and I was a farmer. Not full time yet, but I felt hopeful that I was heading that way. I was obsessed. I was my farm’s tender, nurturer, mother. I lived and breathed and birthed it, and could never be satiated with enough farm, farm, farm. My personal life however felt … Continue reading Chapter 13 – changes and thanksgiving