May 2013- snow?!?

well this is something to see on May 2nd! We just had dinner out there the other night! spring finally sprung! After a good foot of snow less than a week ago, we’re sitting here with grass greening up & absolutely gorgeous weather. We’re working on projects like the fences coming down, getting re-situated into the new turkey grazing paddock, general farm clean up and setting up the pigpen. The garden is still too wet to work, but all good things in time. The sugar snap peas I put in the hoophouse are about to sprout, and we have radishes, … Continue reading May 2013- snow?!?

March 2013- making soap and the egg room

Pre-Town Board Meeting Tonight fuel: except for the tortilla, we grew/made all of these ingredients! Pinto beans from the garden, shelled beneath my boots, simmered on the woodstove and tossed in apple vinegar made from our cider making pulp, the I used the red onion tops sprouting from our red onions in storage (with olive oil and chipotle powder and paprika, all not from the farm, admittedly) There’s a smear of chevre, which froze really well- no I am NOT milking goats yet! And then some crumbles of unaged cheddar, which I also froze, as I was having issues with … Continue reading March 2013- making soap and the egg room

building the barn May 2012

what doesn’t kill you… Makes you stronger. We’re building our duck barn right now, in between rain days. We now have 23 of the 32 posts in! It’s been a project, and of course it has only begun. Posts are the anchors in a pole building, then you have to put up the supports for the walls, the rafters and such for the roof, and THEN you get to put on the siding! Hopefully we’ll have something looking barn-like for our open house on May 26th. Hopefully. Andrew and I have struggled working on this project together, it is not … Continue reading building the barn May 2012