July 2013- goose project review and turkey camping

the goose fancier Fancier: : one that has a special liking or interest 2 : a person who breeds or grows a particular animal or plant for points of excellence <a pigeon fancier> So, in February, we got this flock of 40 geese because this guy was losing his place to foreclosure. He needed someone to take them ASAP. He waited until the last minute, which I find very irresponsible, as these were his babies and he’d been raising them for 10 years. With the help of our neighbors, we brought them home to our farm, visions of hatching out 100’s of goslings dancing in … Continue reading July 2013- goose project review and turkey camping

Feb 2013 new ducklings

pimento peppers sprouting! the crazy homemade calendar Farm calendars play a very important role- it’s where you make notes of nearly everything happening, about to happen, needing to happen and what happened. I have learned the importance of a good sized calendar, and last year, being frugal, I decided to make one. This was not such a good idea, first because I used rather floppy sheets of paper and they were just too big. But we stuck with it through the whole year, because once you start the year, you don’t want to go and transfer everything over again. I … Continue reading Feb 2013 new ducklings

Feb 2013- geese, canning round-up

some really good advice…..and geese!!!!!!!!! I came across this today: http://www.new-terra-natural-food.com/farm-hurdles.html If you are about to begin farming, or want to start, or just ARE farming, these are all really important things to think about! Even if you are an “established” farmer…things can always change and you have to be prepared for how challenges will be dealt with. True Story, as a friend of mine says. One exciting thing I have to report is that we now have geese, 41 of them! A farming acquaintance of ours came into a situation, and we now have his geese. I’m extremely excited … Continue reading Feb 2013- geese, canning round-up