January excitement

a confession There’s something I must admit. I’ve been eating organic produce for free, all year long, for the past 12 years. And I’m not talking about stuff from the garden. I’ve been eating “garbage.” I don’t want to let anyone in on my little secret, for fear of losing my source, or having to compete for it. But…….working in co-ops, one major perk is getting to rifle through the cull bin in the produce department. It’s their garbage, and it would go to compost, or go to the trash, or it may go to feed animals, but first the … Continue reading January excitement

Chapter 6 – eggs

It wasn’t until I brought my first young poultry to my little homestead the next spring of 2008 that things started to change forever. I started out with 10 chicks and few ducklings. I was terrified to get them, after reading all about poultry predators and housing needs. But I did it anyhow, figuring it’d figure it out. I was abandoning more of my vegan notions and embracing eating from my farm, sustanence and deliciousness. I had been craving eggs, but only wanted to eat them if they came from happy, healthy birds that would stroll about during the day … Continue reading Chapter 6 – eggs