meat and milk

  These bizarre grey/blue looking creatures are Black Silkies, an exotic and ancient breed of chicken from China. I got them from a friend of mine who hatches a few different breeds of chickens. She had bought a half of one of our pastured veal and when I was heading over to her place in August, she’d said she had 5 Silkie roosters that she didn’t want, so would I like to take them? I’ve been fascinated by all this black chicken information circulating on the internet for a while, so I said yes. Silkies were reputed to have black … Continue reading meat and milk

2014 First harvesting of the year

At dusk last night, a coyote family was yipping in a big pack, deep in the woods. Our dogs ran over there barking, and then have continued to bark all night long. Little Blue is still way over there from the sound of his echo as he let’s those coyotes know they are not welcome in these parts. because of the barking, I’ve been up since 2am catching up this blog to my wordpress site.And it’s finally done! First- check out the progress on our “farmer barn!” Andrew and his dad are rocking it!! I’ve had a bunch of vegans … Continue reading 2014 First harvesting of the year

May 2014- calves

spring! Finally, finally, the crappy weather has passed and spring has arrived. Spending the days outside has been sorely missed, and so we’re outdoors as much as possible now; working. Time to catch up on lost time! Last year around this time we had a fresh foot of snow delivered by mother nature, so I am extremely grateful that’s not the case, it’s just a bit soggy, that’s all. Lots of exciting things have happened in the past couple of days. We unleashed our new and improved duck paddock system, which is much more extensive and I think will allow … Continue reading May 2014- calves