Chapter 25 – WHAT?!

Winter truly set in and snow covered all the random materials and projects around our new farmyard. The daily chores consisted of caring for our pigs, goats and ducks, as well as beginning to gather eggs again! The ducks began laying right before Christmas, after the stress of the move and adjusting to their new home. I quit milking once the weather was cold and let the goat mommas focus allĀ  their energy on their growing babies. I continued on at my job, driving an hour in, and an hour back home. I was extremely jealous of Andrew not having … Continue reading Chapter 25 – WHAT?!

Chapter 22 – fall descends

After we had moved all the animals to the new farm, worked on setting everything up and settling everyone in, nothing in our lives really settled down. Not yet. That was sort of the point. Andrew had completed his last big stone working installation in the Cities, and was getting things situated on the farm. I was teaching various classes at the co-ops, an article came out in the regional co-op newsletter about my our duck egg business, I was working my day job, milking goats, making soap and cheese, and we had our first Open House at the new … Continue reading Chapter 22 – fall descends