Thanksgiving turkeys and Rosie

turkey days We’re in the midst of a very important time of the year on LTD Farm- turkey harvesting for Thanksgiving. It’s extremely intense for us, and with our compassionate carnivore friends and customers, each turkey is ushered from life to death peacefully. These birds have been an absolute joy, and saying good bye is not easy. Knowing we raised these birds to be very special centerpieces for very special dinners gives purpose and beauty to this event. Having total control over their ending, making sure they are not scared, are fully respected as another being, brings their life to … Continue reading Thanksgiving turkeys and Rosie

community, chicken harvesting

7/22 crazy day Chicken harvesting, fishing attempt, lobster party, yogurt making, piglet hose-down, raspberry picking, feta making. We harvested 10 chickens this morning with one of our customers. It went very smoothly, and she was a pro in no time. I think we are pretty good teachers, we help show how normal folks do things. Scalding and plucking a chicken? No biggie- just watch and learn and then you do it. Talking with her was great too- she’s exactly the type of person we are farming for. Totally conscious of meat animals and the difference it makes for everything when … Continue reading community, chicken harvesting