learning to love squash, and rat woes

Here’s what I made for dinner tonight. Red Lentil Daahl, with basmati rice, roasted squash and roasted cabbage. It was SOOOOOO good. I discovered that I really like squash sliced thinly and roasted with onion slivers, dabbed with a bit of some sort of savory fat from a roast (this time I used ham fat.) I lay the slices out flat in a big cast iron pan and they almost dry roast in the oven, which for me is a much more enjoyable texture than the sort of mushy steam/roast I used to do (and didn’t really like.) Cabbage was … Continue reading learning to love squash, and rat woes

June 2013, visiting Mark Shephard’s farm

My Chubby Bubs on pasture the oldest goslings are nearly full size! the garden is nearly all in! where’s the time going?   Restoration Agriculture, a visit to Mark Shepard’s New Forest Farm This winter I devoured Mark Shepard’s book, Restoration Agriculture, and it changed my life. In this summary of his work, his approach to life and farming, he explains permaculture’s role on his real working farm, which is located in our region of The Upper Midwest. Most Permaculture books are set in Australia, which is not at all similar to our climate, so the diagrams don’t translate well … Continue reading June 2013, visiting Mark Shephard’s farm

July 2012 ex-vegan

bubsters Yesterday. Wow. It went really well, even though it was SUPER hot, we processed 48 chickens with our customers. At the end of the afternoon, we finally weighed one of our gorgeous birds, a smaller one. Over 8lbs. Schnikes! I did the calculations and we started with 61 chicks and brought 55 of them to harvest, which is extraordinary. I’m feeling so grateful to those bubs, our customers and am so happy with our setup for raising them. They really were happy and healthy birds, and will taste amazing because they lived in the great outdoors in the sun, … Continue reading July 2012 ex-vegan