As a youngster, I was a nerd, a good girl, obedient, god-fearing. Once I hit my rebellious teenage phase though, I loved being different and challenging perceptions. When I was 15, I changed the spelling of my name, I defiantly strode down the high school hallways with electric purple hair, pierced my nose in my bedroom, tattooed little stars into my skin with a sewing needle and india ink. Unlike many of my classmates, I didn’t party or drink. Soon enough I also rebelled against my parent’s meat-and-potatoes type of cuisine, by becoming a vegetarian and then a very out-spoken … Continue reading beginnings

Chapter 5 – raw milk and death

After realizing that my future as a fully self-employed soap maker was not too likely to happen, I looked into what other potential farm based businesses there might be that could involve my love of goats. Despite having been a vegan most recently, I knew raw milk was a BIG deal for those who believe in it’s nutritive powers. I also knew that those people will pay big bucks for carefully produced raw milk. I knew because I had a friend who did so from a dairy in Minnesota. She wanted to start farming too, but we knew we’d need … Continue reading Chapter 5 – raw milk and death