more cheesemaking July 2012

workshops After the last workshop in June, I got a bunch of requests for yet another cheesemaking class. I was hesitant, as the goats begin to dwindle in milk production this time of year, typically. Despite my fiasco last time of feeling totally cluttered and terribly bad as a teacher, I went right ahead and scheduled another course. Workshops are complicated to put on, but they are financially very lucrative if well attended. It’s on tomorrow, and I have 8 people coming from as far away as 3 hours from here. No pressure or anything. Yikes. So the past few … Continue reading more cheesemaking July 2012

Chapter 31 – workshops

A huge part of our business plan in 2011 was teaching on-farm workshops, featuring a variety of homesteading and small farm topics. We filled our website’s calendar up with workshops on soap making, goat care, cheesemaking, permaculture, beer brewing, conscientious cooking with ethical meats, fermenting, making jams and jellies, making homemade bread and fresh butter, canning, pickling, wine-making, making pizza, butchering chickens, and raising turkeys. We had some of the classes themed for special events, like “Beer Brewing and Making Pizza” for Father’s Day, and our CSA members each received 4 passes for workshops as part of their membership, so … Continue reading Chapter 31 – workshops