more cheesemaking July 2012

workshops After the last workshop in June, I got a bunch of requests for yet another cheesemaking class. I was hesitant, as the goats begin to dwindle in milk production this time of year, typically. Despite my fiasco last time of feeling totally cluttered and terribly bad as a teacher, I went right ahead and scheduled another course. Workshops are complicated to put on, but they are financially very lucrative if well attended. It’s on tomorrow, and I have 8 people coming from as far away as 3 hours from here. No pressure or anything. Yikes. So the past few … Continue reading more cheesemaking July 2012

2012 advice for new farmers and DIY “drunken goat”

wanna farm? Seems to me that there are a lot of people who want to start farming. I think this is absolutely AWESOME! However, there is no one who can lay out a masterplan for someone else, whether it is for starting a farm, or becoming a basketball player. If it is in your heart, if it’s your calling, you will find a way, and you will do it. Open your mind through education. Look locally for educational opportunities, open houses & field days on farms, internship or volunteer day possibilities, Ag Extension office programs and presentations. Read, read, read … Continue reading 2012 advice for new farmers and DIY “drunken goat”

cheesemaking and spring

the home dairy -march 2012 I’ve got a bunch of got themed workshops lined up this spring, summer and fall. What I really want to do next year is have an all-day “Home Dairy” Workshop and even possibly a “Goat Camping” experience, where we’d go and camp up in the hay field with the goats and make campfire cheese! All things in good time, but for now I am up to my eyeballs in milk, glorious goatmilk and am making cheese like a fiend. This is what I wanted and planned for, introducing all the goats to the buck Walter … Continue reading cheesemaking and spring