Dad and PBS

My Dad has been calling me a LOT lately over the past few days. This is a new experience for me, as we’ve never been terribly close. I’ve only reached out to him about once a year for the past several years, out of a sort of “eldest daughter” obligation. I’m not a bad daughter, it’s just that we don’t have much in common, and without Mom here (RIP) to craft the family get togethers, the whole family has sort of gone our own separate ways. I guess I started this- I called him last week after we’d gotten together … Continue reading Dad and PBS

Chapter 24 – Chicken baby

Even though the house was not that great, we were absolutely in LOVE with our new farm. How could we not be? It was a dream come true. After the ice storm, winter came early that year in 2010, and on Thanksgiving it was -10 out, with quite a windchill to boot. We hosted our families in our tiny house, we were absolutely crammed in there to the brim. We prepared loads of food- the traditional dishes and of course we featured one of our enormous and succulent turkeys. My Dad arrived late with my sisters and my cousin visiting … Continue reading Chapter 24 – Chicken baby