Chapter 3 – Nostalgia

In my late twenties, becoming an actual farmer became my life goal, my calling. I attribute this desire primarily to the childhood memories my homesteading mother blessed me with. This nostalgia was a gift. My Mom and Dad had a little hobby farm in South Dakota, but even though we moved away from that 5 acre wonderland when I was just 7 years old, I was tainted forever. I’ll never forget our life there. My Mom was the classic 20-something “back to the lander,” who married a man twice her age. He obviously wanted to do whatever his beautiful young … Continue reading Chapter 3 – Nostalgia

Chapter 1 – Winter, South Dakota 1985

I have on my snow pants and giggle at the sound the polyester makes as my legs move down the porch stairs. My 3 year old little sister and I climb over the monstrous snow drifts towards the derelict red barn.  The bright white sun reflecting off the glistening snow is almost painful. My cheeks feel cold and hot all at once. Nearly weightless little girls, we easily slide in our snow pants and moon boots across the crusted tops of the drifts, but sometimes we fall through and have to climb our way out. We approach the old barn … Continue reading Chapter 1 – Winter, South Dakota 1985