cow math

I went to look at Highland cows for sale yesterday. Oh boy, can you even imagine how adorable a VERY pregnant Highland Cow is? How about 7 of them all waddling in the sunny snowy day? Black, brindle, red- they were a bit wild, but gorgeous and in beautiful condition. They were a fair price, and delivery is available. But….I don’t want to buy bred cows, we need a few 2 year old Highland steers (that’s a boy w/o balls) to finish over the spring, summer and fall, not mommas who will have babies. I keep doing cow math, but … Continue reading cow math

playful piglets and ethics of meat

I’ve been spending time with the piglets each day, so they get used to people as not just as food and water machines. I squat next to them as they eat and gingerly stroke their backs, reaching my hands out for them to smell. They are trepidatious, but inquisitive, and definitely getting closer to the point where they will soon be lying in my lap, enjoying tummy rubs. The Large Black Hogs are such very pretty piglets, with an extremely satisfying shape to them- their proportions are more like adult pigs as babies than I have ever seen. Their tummies … Continue reading playful piglets and ethics of meat

Chapter 7 – bird meat

That following spring, my egg plans came into fruition. Having 30 eggs coming in each day from the ducks added up in quantity very quickly. The other thing was the fact that feeding these 30+ ducks a day was expensive! I had started a tiny CSA with 7 customers, but that didn’t use all of the eggs I was getting from my ladies. I needed to get these eggs sold and continually selling, so I got in touch with the places I had dropped off samples and told them I was ready to begin delivery. I was still working my … Continue reading Chapter 7 – bird meat