Feb 2013 new ducklings

pimento peppers sprouting!

pimento peppers sprouting!

the crazy homemade calendar


Farm calendars play a very important role- it’s where you make notes of nearly everything happening, about to happen, needing to happen and what happened. I have learned the importance of a good sized calendar, and last year, being frugal, I decided to make one.

This was not such a good idea, first because I used rather floppy sheets of paper and they were just too big. But we stuck with it through the whole year, because once you start the year, you don’t want to go and transfer everything over again. I made notes from the same month the year before, little milestones, funny anecdotes about fails and trials. I also wrote recommendations to our future selves in those months, based on the previous years’ experiences. We didn’t really follow them though.

I have not made a calendar for 2013, and don’t plan to either. The 2012 honker will be annoying to pull off the shelf to reference, as we do, for hatch dates, egg counts, rabbit breeding and due dates, weather patterns, etc. In December, looked for a nice sized version, but winced at the $14 to $25 price tag, so I just grabbed a little free calendar from Fleet Farm and started using it. Now it’s too late to change for 2013. It’s compact, but our notes are already beginning to over-fill the squares! Oh well. Maybe we’ll go back to a homemade calendar again next year, with some cardstock?

i love this picture! Geese are so bold and brassy!

i love this picture! Geese are so bold and brassy!


It was an exciting day! At 7:30 AM we got the call that our little lady duck babies arrived! Perfect timing right before the wild spring winds began too. Frantically I drove to the post office to pick them up, and was greeted at the back door by our awesome mail lady. She ushered me through the mailroom to a tower of 3 big hatchery boxes, all full of peeping newborn ducklings, shipped overnight from Metzer Farm in California. Metzer is a top notch hatchery with excellent healthy & high quality birds, wonderful customer service, and an incredibly informative website and blog. www.metzerfarms.com

We’re really excited about our new brooder design, which works like the hover and a safe enclosure, all in one. It’s 2 feet tall, totally enclosed, with hinged tops. It’s essential for the first weeks that they are super cozy and able to warm to 90 degrees. The babies all arrived in perfect shape and are doing awesome so far. I had to crawl inside the brooder twice- 1st to bring them out of the shipping boxes, dipping each little one’s bill in water, and later to do a recount to verify the total. Boy does my neck have a crik in it now! 

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