Hi there, welcome! I’m Khaiti French, a passionate small scale & full time farmer. For many years I was a well-meaning vegan, but in 2009 I chose a different path to make a difference- I became a Compassionate Carnivore Farmer.

I work with my husband at our “Living the Dream” Farm in Western Wisconsin. I love ducks, I love raising and being around animals, I love to write, and love to cook the food we raise on our farm. I’m currently working on a book for New Farmers who are trying to figure out how to start.

Our farm focuses on raising ethical and ecologically-sound food for our customers, specializing in pastured ducks, poultry and pork. Here’s our farm website:  www.ltdfarm.com 


Contact: farmerkhaiti (at) gmail (dot) com


10 thoughts on “About

      1. Well we have 17 acres and are planning on cows, turkeys, chickens, bees and a huge garden for this year. We are relatively ‘new’ to farming but are super excited about this. This is something that we both have wanted for a very long time and have been very ready to know where our own food is coming from and to be able to share it with others! We would like to start pigs and a few goats too! We will be in Northern Florida so we will have the ability of a longer growing season, maybe ha ha it snowed there yesterday! Crazy weather. Like I said I am super excited to learn more about you guys. I think it’s awesome!

  1. How wonderful, i am so enjoying reading your writing too. isn’t it fantastic to be able to feed yourself and as many other people as you can! It is a great life we have. Simple hard work, but I can tell you love it… c

  2. I love the format you’ve decided to follow, very readable. You’ve packed a lot of living into a few short years, and I appreciate the balance of practicality with ideals that permeates your farm plans. Looking forward to future installments.

  3. I just spent the past hour reading your blog. I am captivated…you are such a good writer, I had to keep going! So glad that I found you. I am really looking forward to what comes next, lol!

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