art and the boar

handsome baby pic
I didn’t even write about the day I picked up our boar piglet about 2 weeks back, because I was more excited about the second part of the trip- going to see the 7 pregnant Highland cows. Meanwhile in the back of the Subaru sat this 150 boar “piglet” I had just picked up! He’s a super dearie, very gentle and even affectionate, 5 months old and half Large Black, half Berkshire. He just rode back there, chewed on the cardboard and hay. I felt it every time he moved around, which cause me to fear the car was getting a flat tire the whole 3 hour drive back home. Exhilarating.
The other reason I haven’t written abut him ( I call this beautiful young boar “Handsome”) is because he pulled a leg muscle in either the loading or unloading process, and so we’ve been a bit worried we might have to get a different boar if his leg doesn’t turn around. Meanwhile he’s in the hoophouse with the other piggies, but in a separate pen so that the 22 rabblerousers don’t cause him further injury as he heals. The lady I bought him from said we can return the boar for a full refund if we decide it’s not going to work. His attitude is spectacular, his form gorgeous, growth phenomenal, but this pulled leg muscle…we’ll see. We are not trying to breed registered show stock, but we do need our boar to be able to get up on a gilt to do his job later this summer. At least this time we know he won’t be too small – that was the problem with our first failed attempt at pig breeding in 2011.
The farm which bred Handsome is called Foxfire Farm. They had other Large Black Hogs for sale with photos of them posted on craigslist. One in particular haunted me, the photograph I did the drawing from, a LBH pregnant gilt. This lady seriously has some of the most gorgeous pigs I have EVER SEEN. They are ancient looking and so well shaped and lardy, as they should be. I was able to meet these particular pigs and they were friendly and gentle and smelled like maple syrup. I emailed her to see if she could send me the photo as the ad had been removed after she sold them, and she did. Look how gorgeous! I forgot how much I enjoy drawing, so from now on when I see a subject that inspires me, I just have to start!

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