summer is for teachers what winter is for farmers

The mug read:  “The best part of being a teacher: June, July, August.” My Dad asked what I was giggling about, and I showed him. He said “That’s terrible.”

The best thing about being a farmer is of course not December, January, February  but the winter “off” is certainly one of the perks of being self-employed in this line of work. Hey, and if you are REALLY successful (and didn’t overwinter animals) you could even go live in a tropical place for the winter months if you wanted.

Memories of that mug and my Dad’s reaction came about because of a online post in a Farming Women group by a new farmer who was already stir-crazy in November and wondered what other farmers did all winter. Oh lady- do know how lucky you are? I remember a friend who was a new farmer expressing boredom in her second winter too. Nothing to do, what can I do? I feel incredulous to hear such such feelings! I absolutely adore winter time. Yes the cold and long, dark nights get to you after a while, but after such a hectic season farming, the blessed winter, when I can mostly do whatever I want, is a HUGE perk in this line of work as far as I am concerned. Writing, reading, playing solitaire for hours if I want, going out with friends, trolling on Pinterest, researching, drawing, going on walks, cooking, having people over, canning up those pressure-can-only foods that take forever- like dried beans and stock, prodding off the last tiny brussel sprouts off the stalks, painting, hanging out with the animals- it’s heavenly! There’s chores year round of course, especially when you overwinter animals, and there is day to day maintenance, time spent collecting firewood, plowing the snow, day to day marketing on social media, planning out the next season’s flow, but mostly, the days are clear and free. And I love it. Feeling super blessed.



One thought on “summer is for teachers what winter is for farmers

  1. Amen. My stack of books…well, you know about it already. The 1000 piece jigsaw that the girls and I spend an hour or so together over, desultory snippets of conversation giving me a peak into their lives. The walks with hubby, not just to check fence, but to just walk – like at the beach. Not feeling guilty about spending an hour cruising blogs. Yup, I’m definitely not over it yet.

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