the “Farmer Barn”

Here’s the siting of our “Farmer Barn” (that’s our duck barn to the right) and all the progress that’s been made as of today. Second floor! My husband and my Father in Law are kickin’ butt! And look at the view from the kitchen/living area! So excited! The roof will be going on next. Oh boy, it is really the most anticipation I have had in a long while- we are going to be upgrading our living situation SO MUCH, and this is really essential for us to continue being here as farmers. If you are so inclined, we’re doing a fundraiser to help get this thing built. No one gets rich by farming, especially new farmers, so we need help cash flowing. Help us out and YOU get a “Year of Goatmilk Soap” mailed to your door! Here’s the link, thanks for considering it!

P1110108 P1110109 P1110110

Finally finished my homemade garlic powder process. I’ve not had a bounty of surplus beyond what our CSA members get from the garden this year, so I am putting up what I can, even if it’s not canning like the usual maniac I usually become. This garlic powder was from about 5 pounds of the reject garlic heads -I tried to pull them out like the rest last month, but the roots were too strong and the stalk just pulled out (sometimes I flew backwards with the force,) so I had to dig them out. Losing their stalk prevented these heads from being able to cure properly. I noticed that they were getting a tiny bit of mold inside the heads, so I quickly peeled all the cloves and chopped them in batches in the cuisinart, then laid that out on parchment paper on baking sheets. Those baking sheets I set on my planting shelves in the hoophouse, thinking it gets so hot in there they’d dry out quickly. That was a bad idea. It is too humid in there, and there are all kinds of gnats that flutter up and then fall down after they get exhausted trying to escape out of the roof of hoophouse plastic. Adn since it was so humid, the garlic did not dry out very fast, and so it lost much of it’s potency. I had to warm them in the oven to finish drying out, and then I ground the dried bits into “powder” in the cuisinart. What I should have done initially was put the baking sheets of fresh minced garlic in the sunny car, like a solar oven. The car would have smelled delicious too! Instead, we have garlic powder with a tiny bit of gnat. Don’t worry, this is just for our personal use!


The September issue of ACRES magazine has arrived with my second “New Farmer” article!! One more to go, and that will make 5 articles I have had published in ACRES this year. What an exciting honor. You never know what’s possible until you just go for it. All it took was an email to the editor, some interesting topics, and follow through.


2 thoughts on “the “Farmer Barn”

  1. I’m really glad to have discovered your blog! Your story about the garlic powder makes me smile. Around here we laugh that we get to keep the culls and rejects. Our tomatoes are the splits. Our onions are the ones that are too small or not curing properly. Etc. 🙂 But nothing goes to waste and the food is delicious. I’m looking forward to following your story.

    1. Thanks Bill! Yes, some days we have to deny ourselves vegetables when it’s almost CSA picking day. It’s really hard! ps- I found you through Sailor’s Small Farm Blog, I love finding great folks to read from and share with!!

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