building the barn May 2012

what doesn’t kill you…

Makes you stronger. We’re building our duck barn right now, in between rain days. We now have 23 of the 32 posts in! It’s been a project, and of course it has only begun. Posts are the anchors in a pole building, then you have to put up the supports for the walls, the rafters and such for the roof, and THEN you get to put on the siding! Hopefully we’ll have something looking barn-like for our open house on May 26th. Hopefully.

Andrew and I have struggled working on this project together, it is not easy work wrangling the gas-powered auger. There’s lots of cussing and short tempers flying off the handle. Today we hit a rock 3 feet down that was bigger than the hole we had drilled, now that’s an interesting situation. Luckily we’re getting better at working through these hardships, and Andrew emerged triumphant over the rock.

Tomorrow’s my birthday, and was reflecting that I reached my goal of being a farmer by the age of thirty. It took alot of guts and goals since that milestone three years ago, but we’re in the thick of actually farming! How wonderful to realize. It is no piece of cake, this idealized lifestyle. You have to be self-directed, you have to be able to live poor as dirt, you have to be able to handle stress, trauma and insanely heavy lifting. But you get total freedom and can use every ounce of your creativity to make a go of it. Pros and cons: No boss, no healthcare plans, no 401k, no timeclock, no vacations, no cubicle, no casual friday, nobody telling you that pajamas are not appropriate for the workplace. I also experience clear open skies, fresh air, working in the garden for hours, great food, lots of animal schnanigans, as many breaks as I need, and 14 hour work days each and every day of the week. It’s the life I dreamed of reaching, now we have to keep it up and keep at it so we can continue being here, living the dream.

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