cheesemaking, reminiscing

7/16 cheesemaker’s course success!

The apricots are beginning to blush.So amazing, really in this climate. The class preparations for this cheesemaking workshop were maddening, but now that it is set up, it should be easier next time. Saving up milk, making various cheeses ahead of time to show the different steps involved, juggling all this with other milk needs….

Our pavillion is magnificent for workshops. I totally love the shade in there and the space. The attendees were so awesome! Very grateful for good people. We had a fantastic time making all kinds of cheeses, and then eating a delicious Indian-style lunch Andrew crafted with the paneer cheese we made. It was pretty hot out, but the class was able to relax, take notes and watch all the techniques. I see these ladies inspired to start going on their own cheesemaking adventures. You have to begin somewhere, and seeing someone else do it really helps.

Found out my Grandma is coming to visit us after her wedding, on their cross country trip from Victoria B.C. to Michigan. I am soooo excited for her to see our farm, and to meet her husband, and for them to meet mine. My Grandma is marrying an organic beef farmer and moving from Canada to Michigan. How surreal. I can’t wait to see her.

We picked alot of green beans today, started talking about rearranging everything. Should we build a barn this fall? Can we afford it, is the time right to decide on placement?

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