Chapter 16 – andrew

Spring was was about to spring in 2010. Buds swelled on the trees, sweet pepper and eggplant seeds germinated in their pots in my bedroom, the ducks began laying eggs and the goats were giantly pregnant, with their kids arriving shortly. I’d decided that I was going to bloom where I was planted, embracing the fact that I’d have to make the most of my little farm. I was not ready or able to grow onto new land, not yet. But I was still looking for that right one, scouring the nearly non-existant new farmer scene for someone who might be a potential special someone.

I’d made a new friend who was also a beginning farmer, and I was curious if we might be a good match. We’d set up a time for me to visit the new farm he was renting. So what does a girl do, but bring another friend out to evaluate the situation? My website creating, entrepreneurial like-minded, farm dreamer friend, Andrew, came out to my farm on a brisk March morning for a delicious breakfast of grits, goat feta and duck eggs. I’d invited him also to come with me to visit my friend who’d just brought home his first cows to his rented farm. I didn’t make the reason I’d asked Andrew to come along apparent, as I didn’t want it to be obvious.

We had an interesting visit. I wasn’t sure what my new friend’s farm plans were, exactly, and neither did he apparently, with his 2 cows and a couple of geese, but he was jumping in, and that was….intriguing. Was he planning to get into illegal raw milk distribution? Would he be breeding and raising geese for slaughter? He mentioned something about heritage turkeys and how much money people would pay for them. I remember sitting in the living room after we’d been introduced to the cows and had a cup of coffee, wondering what Andrew thought of this lackluster scenario. I showed my friend the CSA brochure I’d made and was planning to start handing out, which described my passion for animal welfare, the decadence of duck eggs, the silky-ness of my handmade goatmilk soaps, and my desire to connect people to the source of their food. Annoyingly, he said hey, can I copy this?

Andrew and I headed out, back to my little farm. I asked him his opinion abut the friend, and all he said was that he thought the guy was a bit odd. I drove home fast, as I was nervously expecting my goat mommas’ imminent kidding. As we entered the goat shed to check on everyone, my La Mancha doe, Metallika, had just birthed her kids! There were 2 tiny babies being licked by their mom, they were tired and still damp from birth and just beautiful. The boy was passed out from exhaustion in the hay, while the little girl voraciously tackled her mother’s giant, swollen udder. Andrew brought out his camera and recorded a video of them. He was new to this magical experience, and wanted to capture it. I couldn’t blame him for wanting to do that, not one bit.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur of excitement and joy, and after lunch, Andrew left my farm to return to his place. That night he posted a video on youtube of the baby goats with a Bjork cover he sang, and shared it with me. I’d always loved Andrew’s singing and I LOVED Bjork, and I was simply just brought to tears over this video he made.

Things connected in my brain, and I don’t know if it was intentional, but the lyrics of that song…………well, I simply and rather instantly developed an unexpected and intense crush on my friend Andrew.

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